Welcome to Pacto Vintage Racing. Handmade in Costa Rica

We are passionately committed to history. We love the golden era when café racers, Mods and car or motorcycle race enthousiasts were riding toward the dawn of an eternal way of life and style.Our products are intended to capture just that: our appreciation and respect for those details where we think the essence is kept.


Our helmets (Carrera Master, F1 helmet from the fifties) are made through a rudimentary, detailed and delicate process in which very few people are involved.

All our products are handmade vintage pieces and therefore do not meet modern safety standards and aren’t intended to be more than a collectors joy. 
Each helmet is custom made to order, offering a personalized and thus we ensure the satisfaction of each of our clients.

This not only ensures a unique finish, but also fidelity to the essence and beauty so characteristic of the period these helmets belonged.